Degreasing Cleaning AgentList

Product nameStrong Poin
UD-7A cleaning agent for resin and inorganic film
NS-6A high-speedy cleaning agent for drawing lubricant and paraffinum liquidum
MG-5A water-based cleaning agent without rinse
TR-12A cleaning agent for all kinds of coatings
KY-8A degreasing cleaning agent used with dilution and normal temperature
SY-10A neutral and strong degreasing cleaning agent
SY-7A neutral, low foam and strong cleaning agent(powder)
SK-8A degreasing agent for drawing oil
AM-8A cleaning agent before hot-dip or electroplated coating (abolition of lead bath)
SD-7A in-line, high-speedy degreasing cleaning agent for stainless steel for in-line cleaning
SD-8A improved strong cleaning agent of SD-7
FM-3A high-speedy cleaning agent for phosphate film
OD-3A weak acidic and strong degreasing cleaning agent

Reasons why Unical's products are chosen.

Patent certificate based on rescue of the earth which is basis of Unical’s cleaning principle.

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